Aquarium Artisans

Aquarium Installation

From the initial contact with the client to understand their dream to the final animal added to their eco system, Aquarium artisans approach is second to none. Whether your dream aquarium is a freshwater desktop tank or it needs a crane to lift it through your roof - we have you covered!

Our team of highly skilled craftsman can take your vision and create an ever changing piece of art for you - and your family or business - to enjoy for years to come!

Aquarium Installation

After the decisions have been made on design, size, themes, animals, equipment, and maintenance this is where you the client kick back and allow us to take the wheel and make your aquarium design ideas come true with our custom aquarium installation. We take pride in doing the installation right the first time with quality equipment that is properly rated for the size of your custom aquarium design. From the use of special fittings to quick change pumps for any emergency situation to use of valves to make sure the aquarium doesn’t overflow or can top the water off itself. This is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Our Professional Custom Aquarium Installation Includes:

  • Schedule Provided of what to expect and budget requirements

  • Custom aquarium installation (if needed) outlets, water lines, floor reinforcement

  • Breakdown or Removal of any old aquarium displays

  • Custom aquarium installation of new aquarium along with filtration and lighting

  • Custom aquarium installation of Live rock, substrate,decorations and filtrated or salted water if needed

  • Water test of the aquarium and all of it filtration and components

  • Clean up of all packing and installation materials

  • A list of what to expect moving forward

  • Adding of animals responsibly using our experience to ensure success

  • Extra visits the first couple months to ensure your aquarium is progressing

  • Walk through with client to answer any questions and address any concerns

  • Maintenance plan to ensure long term success of aquarium and inhabitants

  • Periodic communication with client to make sure aquarium is meeting expectations

  • Notification to client if any new technology could benefit their aquarium

Give us a call or contact us to discuss your aquatic dreams and custom fish aquarium design ideastoday.