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Aquarium Maintenance

When trying to recreate Mother Nature's environment, you will find that it is not only difficult to achieve, but it's an ever-changing ecosystem.

Aquarium Artisans and our team uses over 50 years of experience to keep your animals in optimal health and your aquarium aesthetically pleasing for all to enjoy. Unlike many other service companies, Aquarium Artisans offer the opportunity to add 24/7 remote aquarium monitoring of your system and its animals. Our custom tailored programs come with warranties on your equipment AND your animals. Buy it from us once and we'll stand behind it for life while in our maintenance programs. Whether your tank needs a complete overhaul or you have dreams of a new shark tank - just give us a call!

Aquarium Artisans approach to maintaining your custom aquarium is what sets us apart from the rest. Using cutting edge technologically with continuing education ensures that we stay on the forefront of keeping your custom aquarium looking and functioning to it highest capability. Attention to detail coupled with 50 plus years in combined experience allows us to head off most problems before they arise. When dealing with mother nature experience and a skillful trained eye allows our expert technicians to diagnose, devise a plan, and execute the plan to provide our clients with solutions to any problems that may arise.

Our technicians carry the latest tools in the industry in our service vans and come to your home or business professionally dressed and on scheduled time. Aquarium Artisans has the ability to devise custom tailored plans to your specific aquarium design idea and your budget. One of Aquarium Artisans specialties is the rehab and redesign of systems already running. We can give your tired aquarium a whole new look.

Aquarium Artisans performs the following custom aquarium maintenance but is not just limited to this list.

Custom Aquarium Maintenance Services

  • Visual exam with a trained eye of your custom aquarium’s animals and components

  • Testing of all parameters for water quality using high grade testing equipment

  • Cleaning of inside and outside of your aquarium viewing panels

  • Cleaning of inside and outside your aquarium cabinets

  • Cleaning of gravel or sand inside aquarium

  • Cleaning and or replacement of all decorations

  • Pruning of any corals or plants as needed

  • Removing any unwanted pests that can arise in aquarium

  • Replacement of all chemical and mechanical filtration as needed

  • Changing of aquarium water based on biological load with treated and or reverse osmosis deionized water mixed with pharmaceutical grade synthetic German sea salt.

  • Replacement of all animals food, water supplements, and medicines should they be needed.

  • Testing of all equipment every service to make sure all components are performing at there best.

  • Various other custom aquarium maintenance.

Not only do we offer Cincinnati custom aquarium maintenance service, we also provide aquarium service to Dayton, Columbus, Ohio, Indianapolis, Indiana, Lexington, Louisville, Northern, Kentucky

Included Custom Aquarium Services Included at no Extra Charge:

  • Replacement of all fish or coral in any event that they may experience a health issue. With this you have a lifetime warranty on your aquarium inhabitants so long as Aquarium Artisans is maintaining your aquarium.

  • Replacement of any component of your aquarium and or its filtration system due to age or failure. With this you have a lifetime warranty on your aquarium’s equipment so long as Aquarium Artisans is maintaining your custom aquarium.

  • Aquarium Artisans will feed your animals if you need us to do so while you are out of town.

  • Aquarium Artisans is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week should you need us in a emergency. Don’t be afraid to call. That’s what we are here for.

Give us a call or contact us to discuss your aquatic dreams and design ideas today.