Black Friday 2021 – The Extended Version V 2.0

Welcome to Black Friday 2021!

It’s really hard for me to believe that we are approaching our second Black Friday in the new store. We’ve been asked dozens of times if we are going to do our extended Black Friday again.
Yes, We are. 
Like last year a traditional Black Friday would be simply exhausting to our staff with the size of the store and amount of inventory. Unfortunately, we are still in the grips of a pandemic this year as well.
For 2021, we’ve decided to follow suit of many other aquarium companies. Instead of a day, we’ll be offering extended discounts. Instead of tiered discounts through one day, we will be offering a blanket discount for over 10 days. The only exclusions to this will be manufacturer controlled sales/ sale dates

SO… Black Friday begins today!!!

Neptune Systems Orange and Gray Days
  11/19/2021-11/29/2021 with 10% off all Neptune Systems Products INCLUDING the Trident and SKY!  Additional Neptune deeper discounts apply on select items. See store for details. (Neptune has disclosed further price increases effective 11/30/21 as a result black friday sales are your last chance to save on Neptune systems!)

25% off all livestock (Fish, Plants, Coral, Inverts) through 11/29/2021

ALL Fluval and Aquaclear products minimum 10% off – see store for details

Planet Aquariums – In stock or Ordered and prepaid 10% off

Select BRS RO/DI machines and filters

ATI light fixtures – In stock or ordered and prepaid 20% off

ATI light bulbs – In stock 10% off

Radion Gen5 XR 30 Pro/Blue – In stock or ordered and prepaid 12% off

Noopsyche light fixtures – In stock 10% off

Come visit us in our Tri-County aquatics studio:
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Monday – Friday, 11a – 7:30p
Saturday, 10a – 6p
Sunday, 12p – 6p