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Happy Thursday, Fin Addicts!

Over the past month, many of you asked us when we were going to have more nano fish species in stock. This week, your wishes are our pleasure to fulfill.

We just received a large shipment of teeny lil’ fish friends, including some of the nicest-looking Neon Tetras we’ve seen in quite some time (see above). Here’s just a small sample of all the freshwater schooling going on in our studio right now:

The schooling and nano freshwater aquarium fish shown here at Aquarium Artisans in Cincinnati include: Splash Tetra, Paskai Rainbow, Bucktooth Tetra, Celestial Peral Danio (AKA Galaxy Rasbora), Panda Tetra, and Pygmy Cory.


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A Gold molly fish hides among large green leaves in the live aquatic plant tank at Aquarium Artisans in Cincinnati

Peek-a-boo! We see you hiding in that plant, lil’ shaver.


Ohhh, yeah, we got plants. Our greenhouse tank runneth over.

Come check out our selection and get a little green in your underwater scene. We added a plant stock list page this week, so you can scope out our availability.

Leaf Through Our Plant Stock List


This week’s salt gestalt.

It’s election season, Ohio, so vote for your favorite.

Is your jam this beautiful blue-and-yellow Bicolor Angelfish? Will you be (completely!) filling in the bubble for this awesome Blue Pencil Wrasse? Orange you prefer the sleek, sexy Louti Grouper?

Saltwater fish available at Aquarium Artisans in Cincinnati include these: yellow and blue Bicolor Angelfish, orange Louti Grouper, and teal and yellow Blue Pencil Wrasse

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AA EXCLUSIVE: Philips CoralCare Gen2 lights now in stock.

Reefers the world over are buzzing about Philips’ next-gen CoralCare tank lights. Last week, they were finally released stateside, and we were tapped to be the Cincinnati / Dayton area’s exclusive retailer for the first wave.

CoralCare Gen2 features 68 LEDs, a state-of-the-art diffusion panel, and (astoundingly) no-fan / no-noise cooling. In fact, it’s a completely silent system.

Philips CoralCare Gen2 wireless reef tank smart light system

Looking to reduce your tank’s equipment footprint? No sweat.

The Gen2 is wireless and won’t clutter your aquarium space. And Philips’ simple, app-based interface allows you to precisely customize your light’s intensity and tone, and balance your reef’s energy needs with your aesthetic preferences.

The system helps aquarists achieve unusually wide, even coverage, excellent spectrum blend, and incredible light penetration at depth. That’s why it’s widely recognized as one of the best solutions for simulating your corals’ natural environments — be they softies, LPS, SPS, or a mix.

Curious to see the Philips CoralCare Gen2’s PAR performance?

Check out this video to see how it tested out for our friends over at BRS (it’s impressive!). Then, head over to our retail studio and snag yours quick, before they’re gone.


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