So many Plecos. So gorgeous.

Welcome to October, Fin Addicts!

We received a GIANT shipment this week, so this is a great time to stop in and stock your tank. Of special interest: we have some royally beautiful Plecostomus L-variants, plus an enormous Rhino Pleco that’d be an absolute stunner in a large layout.

Take a look:

Rhino pleco Queen Arabesque pleco L60 and King Tiger plecostomus L260


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Meanwhile, over on the saltwater wall…

We got a Gem Tang. We got a Gem Tang. Oh, yes, did we mention…WE GOT A GEM TANG! Get here in a hurry and see this beauty, ’cause it ain’t likely to be here long. ?

Check out this gorgeous lineup:

A Gem Tang, a Red Spine Urchin and a Yellow Coris, all available at Aquarium Artisans in Cincinnati


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Plants? We have ’em.

Some real beauties came in this week, including several Anubias species, Hornwort, and the non-aquatic Purple Waffle Plant (pictured).

Purple Waffle Plant (aka Red Ivy) in the aquatic plant display tank at Aquarium Artisans in Cincinnati

Purple Waffle Plant (Hemigraphis alternata), AKA Red Ivy.

Purple Waffle, also known as Red Ivy, is an Asian perennial that grows in tropical, high-humidity environments. It’s prized for its beauty and for its air-purifying capabilities (it respires at a fast rate, removing carbon dioxide and pollutants and generating a lot of oxygen for its size).

This plant won’t survive if its leaves are underwater, but it’s perfectly happy with submerged roots. For that reason, aquarium paludarium, and terrarium hobbyists value it for surface-level beautification and flora diversification.

Purple Waffle is an excellent choice for aquascapes that break the water plane. It can be secured to exposed driftwood or rocks, or planted in shallows.

It will grow large, but that’s no problem. If it outgrows your layout, just transfer it to a large clay or hanging pot, your indoor garden, or (if you have one) your greenhouse. As long as its soil is kept moist, it’s makes an excellent houseplant. Many Purple Waffle parents keep them in their bathrooms or walk-in showers — the plant thrives in high-humidity conditions.


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