We’re stocking stuff you need to stuff stockings.


Welcome to November, Fish Family!

Black Friday’s just around the corner, so we’re busy filling our floor with tanks, stands, equipment, and supplies for all your fishkeeping needs. Whether you’re looking for gifts for the special aquarist in your life, or want to score some deals on new additions for your fish room, be sure to stop in this month, and keep watching our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates.

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Here’s what’s shaking this week.





Check out THIS big, healthy boy.

Ever seen a Clown Knife this big? We have, but it’s rare to see one in such beautiful shape. This guy came in as a trade; the client who brought him in raised this chonky boi from about 6 or 7 inches. He’s now about 5 years old and a whopping 3 feet long! He’d be an amazing show fish for a large tank set-up.

A silver, gray and black Clown Knifefish in a large freshwater tank at Aquarium Artisans fish store in Cincinnati, Ohio. This 5-year-old, fully matured specimen is approximately 3 feet long and available for adoption today!

Clown Knives are native to SE Asia. They’re shy, nocturnal fish, and mature specimens can become territorial (although this one is doing just fine with a big Jack Dempsey and a Red Hook for tankmates).

His ideal home for would be an extra-large tank with lower lighting, neutral pH, and plenty of caves and plants to hide in. Interested? His super cheap adoption fee is just $100. Bring him home for the holidays, won’t you?

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More goodies from the supply sleigh.

We just got a huge shipment of Aquaforest Freshwater water conditioners, including AF Carbon, AF Anti Phosphate, and AF Mineral Salt.

Aquaforest Freshwater additives are widely acclaimed by professional aquarists and discerning hobbyists alike, and we wholeheartedly recommend them to you. We’re confident they’ll help you keep your aquarium’s system well-balanced and your plants well-nourished.

Aquaforest Freshwater water conditioners and plant fertilizers, including AF Anti Phosphate, AF Carbon Boost, and AF Mineral Salt — available now at Aquarium Artisans local fish store in Cincinnati, Ohio.

We also received a wide range of their excellent plant fertilizers, such as AF PO4 Boost (which helps meet your plants’ increased demand for phosphorous in high-illumination and / or CO2-injected systems), and AF Red Boost (a specialized formulation of micronutrients and phytohormones that your red aquatic plants need to thrive).

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Stay salty, my friends.

There’s so much brilliant color over on our marine wall right now, it’s like a living strand of holiday lights! Check out these beauties.

A bright yellow and neon blue Midas Blenny in a saltwater tank at Aquarium Artisans local fish store in Cincinnati, Ohio.

A white Harlequin Shrimp with cobalt blue stripes in a saltwater tank at Aquarium Artisans local fish store in Cincinnati, Ohio.

A bright yellow, white and black Raccoon Butterflyfish in a saltwater tank at Aquarium Artisans local fish store in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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