Black Friday 2020 – The Extended Version

Welcome to Black Friday 2020!

It’s really hard for me to believe that we are approaching our first Black Friday in the new store. We’ve been asked dozens of times if we are going to do Black Friday amidst the pandemic.
Yes, We are. Not in the traditional sense that many have come to know and love over the last 6 years. That would be irresponsible in the current climate. It would create a packed environment or long waits outside. Not to mention way too many people in and out in a short time frame. That goes against everything that is important right now. There’s no event or sale that’s worth endangering our customers. You’re the core of why we are here.
Traditional Black Friday would also be simply exhausting to our staff with the size of the store and amount of inventory. I’ve thought this over long and hard the past couple months. “How can we honor our black Friday traditions in a safe manner?”
For 2020, we’ve decided to follow suit of many other retailers. Instead of a day, we’ll be offering extended discounts. Instead of tiered discounts through one day, we will be offering a blanket discount for over a week. The only exclusions to this will be manufacturer controlled sales/ sale dates

SO… Black Friday begins today!!!!

Neptune Systems Orange and Gray Days Today 11/21/2020-11/30/2020 with 10% off all Neptune Systems Products INCLUDING the Trident! (but excluding Trident reagent)  Additional Neptune discounts apply on select items. See store for details.

25% off all livestock (Fish, Plants, Coral, Inverts) through 11/30/2020

Select Driftwood 25% off

Select Ultum Nature Systems Hardscape 25% off

Fluval and Aquaclear products 10% off

Planet Aquariums – In stock or Ordered and prepaid 10% off

*Due to Shipping and Supply chain delays we are expecting large orders the week of 11/23/2020 so our Driftwood, UNS, Fluval, Planet Aquariums discounts will run through close of business December 6th, 2020*

Speaking of updates, are you a member of our text alert program? It’s the quickest, best way to stay up-to-date on what’s new in our tanks. Signing up is easy — just text “WATER” to 313131. This is the one time of year that you’ll hear from us more than once in a week!  We will utilize the text program, Facebook and the Facebook Event to update as the additional inventory arrives over the coming week!




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