Welcome to our new weekly update — the Fresh Catch! ?

Hey, Aquarium Artisans family! Some exciting developments to tell you about today.


Pick up some used or spare aquarium equipment for cheaps this weekend.

As you might imagine, in the course of custom building, rebuilding, and servicing aquariums for home and business clients, we tend to accumulate a lot of used tanks and fishkeeping accessories. Usually, they sit in our top secret, super-secure storage space, waiting to be called back into action should Unforeseen Circumstances arise.

This past week, though, we needed to clear some room, so Jeremy went through and brought a bunch of that surplus equipment out of mothballs, and Jennifer priced it all to move.

Stop into the store this weekend and score yourself some fire sale deals on extra aquariums, filters, lights and fixtures, protein skimmers, tabletop frag saws, and more!

Used aquarium filters, frag saws, biofiltration units and more on sale now.


Our weekly Fresh Catch revealed.

If you’re looking to stay informed on our current stock and new arrivals, the Fresh Catch (formerly Weekly Update) is a go-to source. Looking for that special fish for your tank and want to make sure you’re first in line to get it?

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Check out these gorgeous new marine specimens:

Other new saltwater arrivals include:
  • Blue Koran angel
  • Imperator angel (juvenile)
  • Navarchus angel
  • Copperband butterfly
  • Puncatato butterfly
  • Banggai cardinals
  • Gold-Head Sleeper goby
  • Yellow Watchman goby
  • Volitan Black lion
  • Dogface puffer
  • Porcupine puffer
  • Atlantic Blue tang
  • Powder Brown tang
  • Sailfin tang
  • Blue Pencil wrasse
  • Blue-Sided Fairy wrasse
  • Halloween hermit crabs
  • Scarlet hermit crabs
  • Yellow sea cucumbers
  • Cerith snails
  • Pink Margarita snails


Some incredible freshwater specimens:

Peacock bass and Auratus cichlid

Other new cichlid arrivals:
  • Geophagus sveni
  • Lemon Yellow Labidochromis caeruleus cichlid
Some of this week’s freshwater tropical arrivals:
  • Platinum angel
  • Odessa barb
  • Black Dragon Plakat betta, male
  • Galaxy Koi Plakat betta, male
  • Panda cory
  • Blue Moscow Delta guppy, male
  • Dumbo Ear guppy, male
  • White Moscow guppy, male
  • Clown knife
  • Dalmatian Lyretail molly
  • Red Sunset molly
  • Chubby pleco
  • Yellow Prince Tiger pleco
  • Rummynose tetra
  • White Skirt tetra
  • Black & Purple Vampire crab

Lastly, meet the rookie.

If you’ve been in the store over the past few weeks, you may already have met our new team member. He may even have sold you a rasbora or two.

Jonathan’s a freshwater guy with particular interests in nano tanks, biotope aquariums, and iwagumi layouts. Outside of work, he’s a Cincinnati indie musician and an avid birder. Although he’d been out of the hobby for a little while, he’s quickly catching back up on recent aquarium hobby innovations, and learning about saltwater tanks, reef keeping, and the wide underwater world of cichlids.

Before Jonathan came to us, he was a copywriter and marketing creative, so you’ll occasionally see him snapping photos or taking videos of new arrivals to share with you on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Make sure you follow us, invite your fishkeeping buddies, and join in the conversation!


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