Aquarium Leasing Program

We’ve made owning an aquarium easy
with this inclusive finance program.


Four Tank Setups to Choose From

36″ Crystaline 8 Different Cabinet Colors 36x20x21 65 Gallons
48″ Crystaline 8 Different Cabinet Colors 48x20x21 80 Gallons
60″ Shallow Crystaline 8 Different Cabinet Colors 60x20x21 109 Gallons
60″ Deep Crystaline 8 Different Cabinet Colors 60x24x21 135 Gallons

8 Cabinet Colors Available

Aquarium Artisans specializes in professional design, installation, and maintenance of custom aquariums. With our brand new leasing program, we’ve now made it even easier for our customers to make their aquatic dreams a reality. The Aquarium Artisans leasing program gives you complete piece of mind with your new aquarium.

This Program Includes:
• Starphire glass, rimless aquarium • Modern, maple stand • Full filtration system including protein skimmer
• Return pump • Screen top lid • LED strip light • Decorative rock work using “Real Reef Rock”
• Automatic top off of fresh water for evaporation • Your choice of select fish with full warranty for the life of the program
• All frozen and pelleted fish food • Bi Weekly maintenance including water change, wipe down, and changing of filter media.

To receive information about our leasing program and schedule a consultation please use this form to send a message or contact us during our regular retail store hours and we will be happy to assist you.

Leasing Contact Form

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Shown 48” Crystaline
Freshwater Planted Tank
with Mahogany Stand

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