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Flourish Potassium

  • Potassium supplement for the planted aquarium
  • Highly concentrated (50,000 mg/L)
  • Does not contain phosphate or nitrate making it ideal for use with Flourish Nitrogen and Flourish Phosphorus

Product Description

The 250 ml container of Seachem Flourish Potassium is a top of the line potassium (50,000 mg/L) supplement designed specifically for use in delicate planted aquariums. Potassium is one of many vital macro nutrients, alongside nitrogen, phosphorus and others, that are required by aquatic plants, with their absence becoming a limiting factor to healthy growth and development. In aquariums with a low mineral content, potassium can be quickly depleted and cause unsightly yellowing in older leaves.

Within the aquarium setting, the most easily obtained sources of potassium are from potassium nitrate and potassium phosphate, both of which increase the levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and eliminate the ability to target a specific NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) ratio. Seachem Flourish Potassium is unique in the sense that this solution is derived from potassium sulfate, which allows aquarium owners to precisely adjust potassium levels without impacting the established nitrogen and phosphorus levels in the tank.


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