120 Gallon Rectangle Residential Living Room

Location: Residential living room
Theme: Marine Living coral
Filtration: Under Tank Filter, Foam Fractionater, Dosing System
Design: Aquarium Artisans Rework

Sometimes when we get calls from clients it doesn’t involve building tanks, but making over an existing system so it can provide a healthy environment for its inhabitants.

We did a renovation for this system a few years ago, and when we took over the system it was full of fish that had disease and were close to death. This required us to do rehabilitation with medicated food and and fortunately, because of dilligence and consistent care we were able to save all but one fish. In addition to many sick fish, the live coral was in bad shape as well.

Here’s how we gave this system a makeover:

We rehabbed the lighting system, swapping it out for lighting that could support live corals, the foam fractionater was updated to a more efficient model designed for the tanks current and future bioload, heavily cleaned out the filter of debris, added 100 pounds of live rock (which adds an enormous amount of surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow) and re-stacked it to provide an eye pleasing rockscape and not impede water flow, and added increased water movement.

Multiple times a year we have to trim the coral out of the system including several species of SPS Coral which are the most difficult to take care of.

This aquarium is now home to over 20 different fish including a very nice white tailed bristle tooth tang and we have seen this system truly come full circle where fish were dying repeatedly and so was coral, to a thriving mixed reef with healthy fish and corals have to trim.

Our client is very pleased and talks of the client wanting to upgrade the tank to much larger size, so stay tuned for this project in the near future.

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