125 Gallon High School Aquarium

Location: High School
Size:  125 gallon
Location: High School Lab
Theme: Marine with corals
Filtration: Under tank filter, foam fractionater, automation
Design: Aquarium Artisans

This aquarium installation project is a special to us.

We received a inquiry from a high school science teacher who wanted to start their science lab off with a marine tank for the kids to take care of.

As with any project there is a budget and being public high school we were determined to get them the most for their money as its very important that today’s youth understand why the oceans are so important.

We provided them with their school colors on the cabinet and even did colored PVC to match. All fish, labor were donated to contribute to the ongoing education this aquarium provides.

This is the start of their science program with many more aquariums and habitats to come, with plans in the works for a field trip to the store for the students to make livestock selections and see first hand how our on staff experts care for aquatic inhabitants.

This program is the keystone in a series we are working towards presenting to other schools in the future so that we have many more future aquarists.

These are the projects that never feel like work, and are incredibly rewarding.

Are you ready for an aquarium like this? Send us a message or call us at (513) 895-3474 and see what Aquarium Artisans can build for you.