1600 Gallon Rectangle Residential Living Room

Location Residential living room
Theme: Freshwater Planted Community
Filtration: Rear Filtration room, UV, CO2 Injection with Reactor, Automatic Water Change, Bio Tower, Pleated Polishing Filter, Fertilizer Dosing, Fully Automated.
Design: Tenji Aquarium Design
We seized the moment to work with one of the best company’s in the country for this build, Tenji aquarium design out of California designed and installed this freshwater beauty that we maintain weekly schedule, and it was a pleasure to work along side Mark and Brian.

The challenge of trimming this aquarium keeps us on our toes for sure, and the general maintenance keeps us busy for sure. Changing pleated filters, socks, fertilizers, and CO2 bottles are just a few items that frequently need service in addition to the weekly trimming the numerous species of aquatic plants. The client has selected more than 250 fish which inhabit this display and plays very active role in all livestock decisions. The aquarium itself is fiberglass with an acrylic front window and has a steel walkway in the rear with a ladder to access and perform maintenance.

The aquarium itself is 16 feet long and 3 feet deep and 4 feet tall which with those dimensions provides the challenge with  keeping plants trimmed and managed.

Automation does daily water changes on the system and CO2 is delivered into a custom built reactor made by Tenji specifically for this tank.

This build provides many challenges with the amount of  work needed to keep it pristine but we love a good days work and the client interaction and role with the tank makes this one pleasure to work on.

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