210 Gallon Rectangle Physician Office

Location: Commercial Doctors office
Theme: Marine Fish only with Live rock
Filtration: Under tank filter, UV, foam fractionater, partial automation
Design: Aquarium Artisans

For this project our  Client asked us to give her a stunning fish collection with lots of color and movement for the first of many doctors offices she will be opening and it needed to fit in with her decor and not be to overpowering in the room.

The cabinet has front and rear access with auto top off from 75 feet away, and her collection of fish includes everything from large tangs and angels to puffers and a host of smaller fish.

The best part of this build was it appears to be a large custom aquarium but we achieved that look by using a tank off the self and worked well within her budget. This project truly shows that we can give you that high end custom look with out busting the budget and we can’t wait to work on the next project she has plans for.

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