225 Gallon Cyllander

Location: Residential Shower
Theme: Marine with Custom Artificial insert
Filtration: Remote Filter, UV, Foam Fractionater, Closed Loop System, Chiller, Fully Automated
Design and Installed by Aquarium Artisans

The Client and Builder tasked us with installing an aquarium inside a shower where the physical glass would be in contact with shower water and required our staff to closely work with the client and the manufacture of the acrylic itself to meet this tricky design’s needs. Remote filtration was installed along with a chiller that could handle an abnormally warm environment should the situation warrant the need.

The decorative insert was outfitted with tunnels and additional acoutrements in the artificial theming for animals to swim through as well as a dry well for the electric to come up from the bottom through the middle of the tank to power the lighting above. Filtration that was installed is very robust and more like commercial grade to meet the harsh demands of the environment. This project was truly a joy to work on and pushed the limits of aquarium design to a whole new level.

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