280 Gallon Rectangle Residential Basement Tank

Location: Residential Basement
Theme: Marine Living Coral
Filtration: Under Tank Filter, UV, Foam Fractionater, Closed Loop, Full Automation
Design: Aquarium Artisans

This Aquarium Artisans’ client is one of the more respected aquarists in the midwest who keeps beautiful Acropora (stick corals) that demand discipline to keep and his collection is second to none that i have seen over the years.

So when he called us, he knew every detail would be addressed and the dream system he wanted would be over the top; and we did just that for him. Complete with Ghost Overflows, multiple motorized water returns, and a rear drilled closed loop system are just a few of the highlights of this high tech reef keepers dream tank.

Acropora corals require high light, high flow, and low nutrient, so this client decided to use the Triton method of not performing water changes and using natural chemicals to replenish his depleted elements.

The system hasĀ  multiple dosing systems that are required for the elements to be added in proper measurements.

Flow in this tank during water testing looked like a hot tub and there is no sand in the system allowing us to maximize flow in this tank.

Some of the other highlights of this tank are its use of another one of the first Fiberglass stands to go to consumers all colored colored PVC for the build that make this system to give this tank an off the hook look!

As we mentioned previously, Acropora (stick coral) require intense lighting, and both LED and high output fluorescent lighting was mounted on a custom made rack with a slide out like a drawer so maintenance can be done easy with the low overhead.

If this customers beautiful corals weren’t enough to boast about, in this tank there is quite the collection of top shelf fish boasting inhabitants such as a Gem Tang, Interuptus and Bandit Angel to name a few.

To build for client that has such high standards where the bar is set high and you meet and exceed their expectations makes us proud of our team.

Are you ready for an aquarium like this? Send us a message or call us at (513) 895-3474 and see what Aquarium Artisans can build for you.