3500 gallon Cylinder Commercial Car Dealership

Location: Commercial Car Dealership
Theme: Marine with Artificial insert
Filtration: Remote filter (200 feet from aquarium), UV, Foam Fractionater, Ozone, Split System Chiller (Condenser on Roof), Bio Sand Filter, Bio pellet Reactor, Media Reactors.
Design: Titan Aquatic Exhibits/Installation & Maintenance Aquarium Artisans
Another collaboration with Titan Aquatic Exhibits, and in our relationship Aquarium Artisans does most of the remote installation work for Titan Aquatic Exhibits making us proud to call them family.

What can we say, this build is simply amazing!

How we rigged the tank in place alone was a feat, keeping in mind that this is a 3700 gallon acrylic cylinder that probably weighs over 5000 lbs. Once the aquarium was pulled off the semi, it was cradled with straps and brought into the building through the unfinished windows in the front of the building and hoisted on top of the steel stand. We then used hydraulic jacks that were remote controlled to lower the cylinder the stand.

Another part of this installation required us to install another 500 gallon tank in an upstairs office using a telescopic boom lift to the second floor.

Once the building was dried in we got to work placing in a 700 gallon filtration system and running the plumbing for all theĀ  components connecting the aquariums to the filter room designed the team at Titan Exhibits.

For our leak and flow test on the plumbing we used the fire hydrant out front of the building. How cool is that?

Shortly after leak and flow testing, we were able to add 379 fish using an instant cycle process which deploys cultured bacteria 98% success rate!

This system brings lots of smiles to patrons who come to shop for our clients and we love answering questions about the system while we are there. One of my favorite things to tell patrons and see their reaction is when they ask how much water is contained and the aquarium weighs. When I tell them there is 28k pounds of water and what separates them and the water is 1″ thick acrylic they stand a few steps back. Its pretty funny. We love taking care of this beauty and the clients are simply amazing.

Are you ready for an aquarium like this? Send us a message or call us at (513) 895-3474 and see what Aquarium Artisans can build for you.