500 Gallon Rectangle Commercial Hospital

Location: Commercial Hospital Location
Theme: Marine with Custom Artificial Coral Reef Insert
Filtration: Under Tank Filtration,UV, Foam Fractionater, Closed Loop System, Chiller, Full Automation
Design: Aquarium Artisans
Our Client and the Client’s Interior Designer requested that we create an aquarium system inside a Children’s Hospital with some of the challenges being color and theming of the aquarium to match the department decor, the physical weight of the system on the 4th floor of the hospital, and water quality always be pristine because of the aquarium’s location in the Children’s Oncology unit so children that have compromised immune systems are not put at any risk.

Aquarium Artisans provided a custom color palette for the aquarium and worked closely with artists to get desired visual results. Structural engineers were consulted and by using cutting edge technology, made certain the floor could support the aquariums weight; roughly exceeding 5000 pounds.

With the thumbs up from the engineering team, we got underway and began to design the filtration and cabinetry so that the children can enjoy this for many years to come; with this entire project was installed this overnight and all labor was donated in support of this wonderful project.

This system is one of our favorites because childhood cancer is one cancer we work and donate our time to fight throughout the year, and even if the least thing we can do to brighten these children’s day is provide a calming and serene aquarium for their happiness, we are certainly humbled to be able to do so.

This aquarium is by far one of our favorite services each week and one the co-founder Jeremy Embry looks forward to; beause seeing the children each week asĀ  they can give him an update on there favorite under the sea creature.

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