550 gallon Rectangle Formal Dining Room

Location: Residential Formal Dining Room
Theme: Marine Reef with Living Coral
Filtration: Remote Filter, UV, Foam Fractionater, Closed Loop System, Chiller, Fully Automated
Design: Aquarium Artisans
Our Client and the Client’s Interior Designer requested we build an aquarium to fill a specific void in dining room, and with our clients input, we were able to create a unique design where the rear corners of the aquarium hide the input and outputs of the closed loop filtration system as well as “dry boxes” on the top that house the magnets for the wave making devices.

In addition there are motorized systems that “sweep” the return water from the filter in the basement providing beneficial extra flow. This aquarium system is fitted with a large exhaust fan that vents outside with automated controls designed to bring fresh air into the hood to exhaust heat.

Heavy emphasis on flow for living coral and filtration was designed to maintain a low nutrient environment for the living corals successful growth.

Another unique feature this aquarium boasts is it has one of the first Fiberglass aquarium stands made for the consumer market. Fiberglass is just as strong as steel, it does not rust, and is much lighter and easier to attach decorative cladding to.

The final touches are the white cabinetry which make stunning final accouterments making this entire project a pleasure to construct.

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