Weekly Update!


At this time, we remain business as “usual”, regular hours, 7 Days a week. We ask that you continue to adhere to the guidelines we detailed last week. The stay at home order lists pet supplies as essential, so we able to continue to service your aquarium needs with out interruption. Jeremy and I continue to follow each of Gov. Dewine’s and we will update you all through email, blog, text and social media should anything change. While many places have reduced hours, we intend to keep ours the same. Between the amount of time required to maintain all the systems in the store, and the needs of the service techs throughout the day it doesn’t make a lot of sense for us to try to reduce retail hours. 

We’ve seen many of you continue to provide your support through out this time in many different ways.  You’ve shopped in store but followed our requests to help keep things safe and sanitary, you’ve called for curbside pick up, you’ve bought items for delivery.  One of the things that we’ve seen a lot this week, that we appreciate more then you will ever know, I’ve fielded DOZENS of text messages of screen shots of online carts. Wanting to know if I can get those items for you instead. That, while keeps me running around a bit, goes a long way to support a little store like us.  If you didn’t know this, almost anything you order online we have the ability to get for you, at the same price while still supporting us!  We can even drop ship items to you that we don’t stock in similar turn around times as ordering online. We already order from many vendors multiple times a week.  You are always welcome to shoot us a message, text, email with a screen shot of a cart and we are more then happy to handle that for you.

Online shopping:  It’s coming, I promise!  Given the amount of sku’s we carry in the store, and the need for accuracy between the store point of sale and the online side is critical. So we are making sure that when this comes out, it meets the level of expectation that you’ve come to expect from Aquarium Artisans! Bear with us, we are working diligently on this.

New coral:
So…. I might have placed a large coral order just prior to the stay at home order.  Thursday despite some delays we got in a beautiful shipment from Indo. I’ve included some photos here for you to drool over!! 

We deem it very important to not run sales during this time as a way to limit gathering, however we know many of you are spending more time at home with your aquariums. As a result, indefinitely Coral frags and Live Plants will be buy 2 get the 3rd half price. Buy 3 get the 4th Free. Discounted or free item is of equal or lesser value.



Freshwater inventory march 28



Saltwater inventory March 28