Weekly Update- Tons of new inventory in the studio!


It’s been a crazy week around the studio!   We received almost a dozen different orders this week. Dry Rock, Plants, Saltwater fish, Clownfish, Freshwater fish, and all sorts of dry goods including some new products like the new IceCap Gyre 4k/2k, Forza Canister Filters and more!  I know some of you have been looking for RO/DI units. We received 3 last week but they were gone in 24 hours.  We received more this week!  The Noopsyche lights have been gaining popularity also!  We received a new order of them this week, and have more coming Monday.

At this time, we remain business as “usual”, regular hours, 7 days a week. We ask that you continue to adhere to the guidelines we detailed in the past.  Jeremy and I continue to follow each of Gov. Dewine’s and we will update you all through email, blog, text and social media should anything change. While many places have reduced hours, we intend to keep ours the same. 

We deem it very important to not run sales during this time as a way to limit gathering, however we know many of you are spending more time at home with your aquariums. As a result, indefinitely Coral frags and Live Plants will be buy 2 get the 3rd half price. Buy 3 get the 4th Free. Discounted or free item is of equal or lesser value.




Updated Inventory List 2-Freshwater 418



Updated Inventory List – Saltwater (1)