Weekly Update- New inventory in the studio!

It’s been a HEAVY week around the studio!  10,000 pounds of salt and rock arrived Monday and Tuesday. Our saltwater selection is increasing week by week and we anticipate it to continue to expand as more and more flights resume.  Freshwater hasn’t been exactly what we hoped for which is strange because it’s more domestic vs international.
Dry Rock- It’s here! 1600 lbs of it.   
Noopsyche Lights- We got a BUNCH!! We finally had them ship direct to us from overseas drastically reducing shipping time.  We started with 25 Tuesday, Down to 12 left. These guys have been flying out of here!  Looking for a new LED option. Check these out!
The fridge is loaded with pods.
Our Neptune systems shipment finally made it here Friday!!! We have Trident reagent! 
Fluval items- look to arrive Tuesday, we hope!

We remain business as “usual”, regular hours, 7 days a week. Exception of Monday, we operate on Holiday Hours. Noon to 5 PM



Freshwater inventory May 22



Saltwater Inventory may 23