Weekly Update- New inventory in the studio!

It’s hard to believe that summer has already come and is on its way out.  Those chilly morning temps remind us that colder days lie ahead!  It’s been a busy few months around the studio.  Interesting but busy.   We are working hard on finding a new groove for getting a weekly communication out, especially with both the holiday season and Black Friday coming up. Over the next month or so you may see that come in various fashions whether its here or via email or social media as we try to find exactly what works best for our customers.
Below is a partial inventory list for both freshwater and saltwater.  The freshwater list is no where near all inclusive.  Saltwater fish and corals change by the week.  There is no shortage of stunning and colorful options around the studio at the moment.

CHECK THIS OUT!>>> One great highlight we launched this week was water testing via the API AQUASPIN.  “What is the AQUASPIN?” You may wonder.  While bearing the API name, the photometer was developed by LaMotte, one of the authorities in water testing devices.  There is a $6 fee for the test, which covers the cost of the reagent disk that goes in to the machine.  Your results cover 8 different parameters and can be printed for you, emailed or both.
More information below:
Presenting API AQUASPIN, a cutting-edge technology that combines speed and accuracy for the best aquarium and pond water analysis results anywhere, all in just two minutes! Using AQUASPIN is simple – all it requires is a small water sample from your customer, the AQUASPIN photometer and a new disk. The water test (freshwater or saltwater) takes fast and accurate readings of aquarium or pond parameters, including, where applicable, nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, phosphate, carbonate hardness, general hardness, pH, magnesium, and calcium. No need for color comparison or human interpretation, the AQUASPIN technology provides your results all with the click of a button.



We remain business as “usual”, regular hours, 7 days a week. 
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Freshwater inventory stocklist Sept 19 updated


saltwater inventory sept 19th updated